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Epilepsy Surgery In India
  • Advanced Epilepsy Surgery at Affordable Cost in India

World class Brain and Neurosurgery Hospitals

Our affiliated Brain and Neurosurgery hospitals are acknowledged at the center of excellence for superior quality treatment for epileptic treatment at an affordable cost matching at per with global clinical standards. These Specialized hospitals are dedicated to offering excellent outcomes and have become top of the choice for international patients seeking advanced treatment.

Team of Highly Skilled and Experienced Neurology and Neurosurgery

Highly skilled and Top Class US and UK Board Certified Neurologist and Neurosurgeons, with vast of working experience at premier Brain and Neurological Care centers in India and abroad, ensures world-class medical attention and care.

Added with Latest Cutting Edge Technology

Supported with most advanced and latest Technology Infrastructure like Brain Suite, Biplane Neuroendovascular Angiography, Synergy S Linac System, S-7 Navigation System, Endoscopic Neurosurgery Theatre, 3 Tesla MRI, 256 slice CT scan, PET scan etc.

Low Cost & Affordable Treatment Package

Our patients avail an advantage of lowest and competitive treatment package for epilepsy surgery with highest standard of medical care top hospitals under supervision of top Neuro doctors in India. The combination of cost and quality is truly unbeatable when compared to the best hospitals in any other leading medical travel destination in the world with the same level of care and services.


Epilepsy Treatment – Condition, Diagnosis & Surgery Procedure

Know About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is common chronic neurological disorders that are characterized by a tendency to have repeated spontaneous seizures (fits/convulsions). Seizures are episodes of disturbed brain electrical activity that cause changes in movement, behavior, sensation, or awareness, including loss of consciousness or convulsions, which last from a few seconds to a few minutes in most individuals. Types of Epilepsy and Symptoms

  • Generalized Epilepsy-It involves the entire brain and includes generalized tonic-clonic seizures, absences, myoclonic, tonic, and atonic seizures.
Detailed Diagnosis For Epilepsy

Physical examinations, review of medical history, seizure activity, and neurologic examination are primarily done by the specialist done, other than diagnostics evaluation to diagnose epilepsy.

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

It is done for reading the electrical activity of the brain called brain waves. Video/EEG are also done to monitor patients with frequent seizures which allows to observe during seizure activity so that one’s behavior can be measured/monitored at the same time of EEG

Blood tests –

Blood tests are done to access general health and check infections, anemia, and chemical imbalances which are helpful in ruling out the chemical cause of Seizures

Brain Scan –

Imaging tests such as CT or MRI scans gives a detailed view of the brain. A CT scan is a powerful type of X-ray, and an MRI uses magnets and radio waves to make pictures and helps to rule out tumors or blood clots, arteriovenous malformation, or genetic defect of the brain is cause seizures.


Most Advanced & latest Treatment Options for Epilepsy Management

Anti-epileptic medications are successful in treating epilepsy. Over 70% of the people with epilepsy have a good control of their seizures or became become epilepsy-free with medications. Anti-seizure drugs are the most common treatment for epilepsy. If a medication isn’t successful, your doctor may adjust the dosage or switch to a different drug. About two-thirds of people with epilepsy become seizure-free by taking their medication as prescribed. Treatment options for patients include epilepsy surgery, vagus nerve stimulation, and the ketogenic diet (used in children).

Surgical Treatment Options

Surgery is considered as an treatment options when seizures cannot be controlled by medications and when diagnostics tests confirms that seizures develop in a well defined area of the brain without disturbing the vital functions of the brain such as motor function, hearing, vision, language or speech. Depending on the site of seizure onset and the underlying cause, 50-80% of patients who have epilepsy surgery can become seizure free. During the surgical procedure, a portion of the brain that generates seizures is removed.

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)

VNS therapy is considered when medicines are unable to control epilepsy or incase patient experiences unacceptable side effects from medication and also in case patient is not found suitable for the surgery. During the surgical procedure, an electrical device like pacemaker device called a vagus nerve stimulator is implanted underneath the skin of chest with a wire that is wrapped around the vagus nerve on the neck’s left side. This device continuously delivers an electric dose to the nerve in order to stimulate it. This process reduces the severity and frequency of the seizures by 20 to 40 percent and completely controls seizures in about 5 percent of people.

Advanced Surgical Procedures for Epilepsy Management

There have been major breakthroughs in epilepsy treatment in the last few years. Depending on the particular clinical situation, one of the following surgical procedures is chosen by the Medical team at our associated worldclass Hospitals.

  • Anteromedial Temporal Lobectomy
  • Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy
  • Functional Hemispherotomy
  • Electrocorticography guided Resections
  • Quadrantic and Multilobar Resections
  • Vagal Nerve stimulation


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